Online Shopping Partner Guidelines & Specifications


Required Images

You will need to supply PermissionCorp with two logo images in the exact dimensions as shown below.

  • The small logo appears next to your entry in category and search listings;
  • The large logo appears on the left hand side of your reward partner page.
Type Dimensions Max File Size
Small Logo 40 x 40 pixels 5kb
Large Logo 200 x 94 pixels 20kb

Optional Images

In addition to the required logo images, you can also provide us with images to promote your Reward Partner page. These images are optional, but highly recommended to help market your brand effectively. You can supply PermissionCorp with one of the following sets of images for your Reward Partner page:

Option 1
1 x Large Image
  • 200 x 200 pixels
  • 40 KB max file size

Option 2
2 x Medium Images
  • 200 x 94 pixels (per image)
  • 20 KB max file size (per image)

Option 3
4 x Small Images
  • 94 x 94 pixels (per image)
  • 10 KB max file size (per image)

Note: please do not add borders to your images. A light grey, 1 pixel border will be automatically applied to the image when uploaded to the website. Acceptable file formats are .gif, .jpg, .png. Animated gifs or flash files are not permitted.


You will need to supply PermissionCorp with two different descriptions of your website, promoting your products or services:

Short Description

Approximately 20 words. This is included in your entry in category and search listings. This will be edited to ensure it fits on 2 lines in your listing.

The short description should briefly describe your products and services.

Main Description

Approximately 150 words or less. This appears on your reward partner page. PermissionCorp will edit for length if considerably more than 150 words.

This main description should include an overview of the products and services you offer, the features of your online store (for example, a reminder email service) and the benefits of shopping online with you (for example, free delivery).

Remember your aim is to encourage members to click through and browse your website, and a boring essay on the history of your company is not likely to achieve this.

Small Logo 40 x 40 pixels; Short Description 10 - 15 words

Small Logo 40 x 40 pixels; Short Description 10 - 15 words


You can suggest up to 30 search keywords which relate directly to your products and services. Your listing will appear in search results whenever a member searches with one of those keywords. These keywords are subject to variation at PermissionCorp's discretion. Please provide as a single line of text comprising comma separated words.


Suggest one category you believe your listing should appear in. To view the available categories, visit the Online Shopping page of the relevant website.

PermissionCorp may choose to include a reward partner in more than one category, however this will only occur when it is logical and appropriate. The PermissionCorp online shopping categories are constantly evolving, in an effort to make finding a reward partner as easy as possible for PermissionCorp members. As such PermissionCorp reserves the right to change the category you are assigned to at any time.

Payment Methods Accepted

Specify what payment methods you accept. These payment methods are displayed as small icons on your reward partner page, below your main description, so that our members know how they can pay for their purchases.

  • Please be specific about which credit cards you accept. Examples include Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.
  • Other payment method examples include Cheque, Money Order, COD (cash on delivery), Direct Deposit, PayPal.

Purchase/Claims Tracking

You will need to decide how purchase and claims tracking will be administered.

PermissionCorp needs a way to track which PermissionCorp members spend money on your web site so that the correct amount of reward points can be awarded. After members make a purchase they claim for their reward points through the PermissionCorp site. They enter information such as the order/invoice number, purchase amount, and date, and make a claim for the reward points they are owed.

These claims are verified by matching them to purchases made. This can be achieved in one of three different ways:

  • Option 1 - Affiliate link, PermissionCorp accesses a report and processes member's claims
    You supply PermissionCorp with an affiliate link. Any purchase made after entering your site with that link will be attributed to PermissionCorp. You then supply access to this report either online or via a file attachment and PermissionCorp will match up claims with purchases and accept or reject members' claims for points. This report must include an order/invoice number for each purchase, the date of each purchase, and the amount of each purchase. The commission payable to PermissionCorp will be calculated from this report.
  • Option 2 - No affiliate link, you process members' claims
    Members are directed straight to your home page. You login to the PermissionCorp claim processing system regularly, match up claims with purchases and decide whether to accept or reject members' claims for points. A login and password will be provided to you. The commission payable to PermissionCorp will be calculated from this claim processing system. You will need to supply PermissionCorp with an email address that members can use to enquire about their reward points claims.

What is an affiliate link?
An affiliate link is a special link to your web site that contains a code. This code is tracked on your site so that purchases made can be attributed to that link. If a person follows an affiliate link to your web site, any purchases made by that person can be attributed to that affiliate for the purpose of calculating the commission owed.