Banner specifications

Size Name SWF* GIF* Looping
728 x 90 Leaderboard 40 KB 40 KB continuous
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle 40 KB 40 KB continuous
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper 40 KB 40 KB continuous
468 x 60 Banner 40 KB 40 KB continuous

*No limit if creative is provided as a third-party tag. Files larger than 40 KB may affect delivery of the ad. A higher limit of 45 KB applies to Seek Australia, Seek Commercial, and Seek New Zealand.


  • The animation should not contain strobing effects.
  • The creative should not disable fields or functionality on the site.
  • If the creative contains program calls to another site, or executable files, please inform DNS and test accordingly.
  • The creative should not disable browser back buttons or force any plugins to be downloaded.
  • DNS traffic will target browsers that work with the ad through our ad server.
  • A backup GIF must be provided for Flash creative.
  • Creative materials must be provided 3 working days prior to the campaign start date.


HTML/rich media creative should not contain sound unless it is click-initiated or approved for the site it is appearing on. Please check with your account manager for more information.

Flash click action (see below for details)

Advertiser needs to embed the click tag in the SWF:

on(release) {
getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank");

Iframe/JavaScript ad tags

DNS requires all creative to be implemented for serving through iframe and JavaScript ad tags (JavaScript for rich/expanding media). The majority of creative media will work through iframe tags by default. DNS will advise you if your creative needs to be updated after testing.

SWF file requirements

File names All lower case characters without ampersands, asterisks, slashes, spaces, or questionmarks.
Maximum file size 40 KB (unless third-party served)
getURL actions The button action script should be
on (release) {
    getURL (_level0.clickTag, "_blank");
Publish settings Flash version 9 or higher
ActionScript version 1.0